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Current Story

The current story for the Starship Republic cooperative writing campaign continues below in descending order of the date-of-publish by the original author. Users are encouraged to add to the table below to create their new entry following the Wiki syntax.

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Year Date Author Title
2020 9/27/2020 Cromwell Threading the Needle, Part 2
8/15/2020 Cromwell Threading the Needle, Part 1
7/6/2020 Carter March to the Drums
2019 9/15/2019 Cromwell Marshmallow Emergency
1/3/2019 Carter The Great Escape
2018 12/30/2018 Cromwell Saratoga in absentia
2017 7/23/2017 Virtus The Downward Spiral, Part 2
7/9/2017 Cromwell The Dawn's Early Light
7/2/2017 Carter The Downward Spiral, Part 1
2016 12/29/2016 Cromwell Shadows of Saratoga
12/2/2016 Carter Reign of Fire, Part 1
9/21/2016 Carter Masters of Sky and Stars
8/7/2016 Cromwell Desperate Times, Desperate Measures
6/25/2016 Carter A Matter of Degrees
2015 9/20/2015 Cromwell Shadow of the Dragon
5/31/2015 Carter Unwelcome Tidings
2014 No Posts in 2014
2013 2/15/2013 Carter The Slow March
2012 11/21/2012 Cromwell Duplicity de Rigueur
11/20/2012 Cromwell Trading Places
9/15/2012 Carter The New Kid In Town
7/8/2012 Hawk Fearless, Part 3
6/29/2012 Hawk Fearless, Part 2
6/20/2012 Hawk Fearless, Part 1
5/26/2012 Cromwell The Sands of Time
4/29/2012 Carter Child of the Void
4/6/2012 Tolkath Game of the new USS Republic
2/4/2012 Cromwell Brass-Dodging
1/18/2012 Merrick Hunting the Fallen
1/17/2012 Carter The Old Order Changeth
1/1/2012 Cromwell A Dish Best Served Cold
2011 12/19/2011 Merrick An Old Friend/Going Rogue
12/17/2011 Hawk Everything New is Old Again
12/12/2011 Merrick Going Rogue
11/30/2011 Merrick An Old Friend
11/28/2011 Virtus Meanwhile, in the Halls of Justice...
11/28/2011 Carter Fire On High
10/28/2011 Carter Executive Decisions
10/6/2011 Carter The Man Who Fell To Earth
9/30/2011 Cromwell From Soup to Nuts
9/23/2011 Carter And Then, There Were Seven
9/2/2011 Carter In the Meantime, In-Between Time
8/31/2011 Carter Keep the Home Fires Burning
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