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Going Rogue


—[ USS Aeolus]— —[Main Engineering]— —[Stardate: 58872.14]—

The doors to main engineering open with Reia approaching the Chief Engineer whom seems quite busy tasking other officers with duties. “A word?” she asks.

“Of course Commander.” Replies Lieutenant Commander Orrick; the two walk off to a bit more to a quiet place in engineering.

“We are to rendezvous with the Coeus in two days. In thirty six hours…” Reia stops when her commbadge gave two short beeps. She pauses for a moment realizing that something happened to Rizzo. “Change in plans Commander that was warning signal from Rizzo. Looks like the Captain knows something is up, we have to act now.”

Orrick thinks out loud towards Reia as he comes up with suggestions, “This will be bad if a fire fight breaks out on the ship. The Captain will have the support of the whole crew right now.”

Reia smirks a little as she thought of a plan, “Can you fake a warp core breech?”

Orrick lets out a little chuckle at the thought of all the chaos, “Can I? I don’t think you know who you’re talking to missy.”

Lieutenant Anders voice speaks over Reia’s commbadge, “Commander Young, Captain Engel and few security officers just left the bridge and heading your way.”

“Where are you now?” inquires Reia

“I’m with Rizzo at the moment; I’m supposed to be escorting him to the brig.”

Reia smiles a bit, “Good, you and Rizzo get the rest of the team ready, we’re going to fake a core breach. Make sure the rest of the crew gets off the ship.”

“What about you?”

“I’ll handle the Captain myself.” States Reia.

Orrick shakes his head, “Not alone you won’t.” Orrick steps out of the enclave and yells, “O’Connor get over here.”

The young ensign comes rushing over, “Yes sir?”

“Ensign I want you to accompany the Commander here, follow her orders as they were mine.”

“Aye Sir?!” replies O’Connor a bit confuse.

Reia places her hand on the young ensign’s shoulder, “Don’t worry Ensign you’ll be fine.”

Ensign just nods.

Reia smiles to reassure the ensign, “Come on ensign, we got work to do.”

—[Deck 18]—

“Where are we going?” inquires O’Connor

Reia looking around the corridors trying to find her way. “Setting a trap.” Reia comes to a stop when she sees the doors to the shuttle bay. “Perfect.”

The two enter the shuttle bay to find it empty; Reia takes her commbadge off and throws it towards the middle of the room. She then looks towards O’Connor, “See that control room up there?” she asks pointing the way for O’Connor.

“Yes.” He nods

“I need you get to the control room. Once the Captain enters this room and then leaves the doors to the shuttle bay need to be lock the doors and place a force field on them.” Orders Reia

“Ok, but where will you be?”

“I’ll be hiding in the corridor; soon as he enters the shuttle bay I’ll be placing a force field a few meters from the doors here. With some luck we’ll trap him and the security team without firing a shot.” Explains Reia.

–[A few minutes later]—

Reia hides in a corridor nearby, she can hear the voice of Captain Engel shouting orders as he approaches.

“Set phasers to stun, I want her alive for questioning.” Orders Engel

The doors to the shuttlebay open once more; Reia quickly arises from her hiding place and begins to interact with a nearby interface. She makes several attempts with the computer keeping her out of the security system. ‘Come on’ she whispers to herself.

After several seconds of repeating attempts, the magical voice of the computer finally says, “Command Override Accepted.”

At that moment Captain Engel realize that Reia is not in the shuttlebay after seeing her commbadge lying in the center of the room, lets out a swear of frustration, “Son of a!” He throws the commbadge to the ground and storms out of the shuttlebay only to be thrown to the ground from the impact of the force field.

With help from the Captain’s security team he rises to his feet and orders to the computer, “Computer shut down force field on junction c deck eighteen.”

“Command not found.” Replies the computer coldly.

The Captain mumbles something not heard under his breath as he turns to return to the shuttlebay only to be block with the door not opening. Sighing he orders the computer again, “Computer unseal doors to shuttlebay two, command authorize delta twelve gamma four.”

“A level two or higher clearance is required.” Replies the computer coldly again.

The Captain only smashes his fist against the cold, smooth metal surface of the corridor.

Reia steps out from the shadows and stands in front of the forcefield, looking towards Captain Engel with a smile. “Checkmate, Captain.”

“Smart move Commander, or is that your real rank?” inquires Captain Engel

“Not yet.” Implies Reia.

“So what do you plan on doing with my ship?”

Reia sizzles at the question a bit, “You don’t run too many holo novels now do you? See the bad guy always talks about his evil plot to take over the world to the good guy that he or she captures, it ends up back firing on him and he loses… In this case, since I am the good guy in this story, I don’t think I will discuss that with you in this point of the book.”

“You just keep playing with fire don’t you?” provokes Captain Engel.

The corridor darkens as the red alert siren goes off. Reia cups her ear towards Captain Engel replying sacristy. “I’M SORRY IT’S KIND OFF NOISELY IN HERE COULD YOU REPEAT THAT.”

Captain Engel grins evilly towards Reia.

“Warp Core Breech Emit. Please proceed to the nearest escape pod.” Announces the computer.

“Well that’s my cue Captain, I would love to chat more, but as you can see I rather got my hands full.”

“Mark my words Commander you will pay for this!” shouts Captain Engel with the rage of a thousand suns.

Reia waves goodbye as she runs down the corridor towards engineering.


Lieutenant Reia Merrick
Rogue Starfleet Officer

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