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Game of the new USS Republic


Tolkath residence, Medara, Betazed

Momentarily forgetting his strength, Reittan slammed the PADD down on the table causing the screen to shatter. The house had been serene until Reittan had been given his orders to return to Starfleet. The cracked screen just caused his anger to exponentially increase.

“They are making me a puppet, a joke of a position…” “Diplomatic Officer” Reittan murmured under his breath. “It’s more like Kostya wants to keep an eye on everyone. He’s appointing those loyal to him to the position.”

Reittan grunted again, grabbed the broken PADD and threw it across the room; it skidded across the smooth white floor just missing his mother.

The Tolkath home was usually a place of serenity, dignity, and respect, but this night was one of the exceptions. The person who is supposed to be a Counselor and use coping mechanisms to handle his anger wasn’t.

“REITTAN JAREN TOLKATH, you WILL behave better than this and cease this childish tirade this instant.”

Reittan had expected his mother's response, but a different, more regal voice had entered his mind. He knew immediately he had crossed the line as his Grandmother entered the room. Kedstra had appeared suddenly; stealthfully. Reittan remembered only one other time in his life that he had heard his Grandmother use the tone she just had. He also remembered vowing never to be the cause of it again; a vow that until now hadn’t been broken.

Not entirely finished with expressing his anger, Tolkath continued. “He’ll have Prometheuses flying off the assembly line, just building up for war.”

“Be that as it may,” his Grandmother continued icily, “you are still a Star Fleet Officer and you will continue to do your duty.” “Reittan,” she continued indignantly as she focused out of one of the windows instead of looking at Reittan directly, “in all of your studying of psychology, do you remember where anger comes from?”

The question was a stung; suddenly the anger was gone.

“Yes,” he admitted abashedly, “from feeling powerless and fear.” “I am sorry.” He was very aware of his anger issues, issues that continued to surface from time to time.

“Like it or not,” his Grandmother continued, “you enjoy what you do and are good at what you do.” “We are so proud of you.”

Tolkath wished that she would yell at him,berate him, react in anger because this was worse than any of what could have been said.

Kedstra turned from the window to face her grandson. With her deep penetrating eyes she looked at him; those eyes that seemed to view the soul.

“Consider yourself playing the Game of Houses, and if you need to you can… influence the way this individual thinks.”

Yaxara, who had been quietly observing the interaction between her son and mother interjected, “MOTHER!! I can’t believe you would even suggest such a thing. It’s dangerous.”

As Yaxara’s eyes scanned their home with a distant thoughtful look, she knew what her mother had said was true. “But you are right.”

The recanting of his mother’s point of view caught Reittan off guard. It wasn’t often his mother would change her opinion and admit she was… not completely correct.

Reittan followed suit and his gaze traveled across the spacious room. Tomorrow he would be leaving to rejoin his compatriots aboard the new Republic. He didn’t feel the same excitement that he had when he boarded the original Republic, but he was … resigned to his orders.

The next day the Lieutenant Commander bid his mother, father, and Grandmother farewell as he boarded the shuttle that would carry him to his new assignment. As he said farewell to his Grandmother, she slipped a medallion with his family’s coat of arms into his hand; the medal warm from her grip.

“Reittan, remember don’t show all your cards… this is the Republic’s Game of Houses.”


Lieutenant Commander Reittan Tolkath, PhD.
Ship's Counselor
USS Republic, NCC-81371

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