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Vessel Name:USS Republic
Vessel Registry:NCC-81371
Class Name:Luna Class
Type:Light Explorer
Information Source:Daystrom Institute Technical Library extract (appended)



Length:450 meters
Beam:200 meters
Height:80 meters
Mass:1,400,000 metric tons
Cargo Capacity:60,000 metric tons
Evacuation Limit:1000

Strength Indices (Galaxy class = 1,000)

Beam Firepower:100
Torpedo Firepower:2,025
Weapon Range and Accuracy:700
Shield Strength:333.33
Hull Armor:50
Combat Maneuverability:6,200
Overall Strength Index:983

Weapons & Defense


Beam Weapons:5 x Type VIII phaser arrays, total output 5,000 TeraWatts
Missile Weapons:3 x Pulse fire quantum torpedo tubes with 50 rounds each

Defensive Systems

Shields:Standard shield system, total capacity 900,000 TeraJoules
Hull:Standard Duranium / Tritanium Single hull
Structure:Standard level Structural Integrity Field

Speeds & Equipment

Warp Speeds

Normal Cruise:Warp 8
Maximum Cruise:Warp 9.975
Maximum Rated:Warp 9.985 for 6 hours


Standard 6-person:4
Emergency 22-person:2
Cargo Transporters:3
Class 4 Industrial Replicator:1

Refit Cycle

Expected Hull Life:80 years
Minor Refit:2 years
Standard Refit:2 years
Major Refit:20 years


Diplomatic Capability

Diplomatic Level: 2 Diplomatic courier function only.
Diplomats housed in crew quarters for short duration interstellar missions.
Briefing rooms: 3 40 square meters, 10 seats each
VIP Dining Facilities: 1 Officer's mess with attached specialty kitchen
(separate from regular crew mess hall)



15% of all facilities, including interconnecting corridors, capable of supporting Class H, K, L, or O environments, limited to decks 4 through 14
Senior officers quarters: 10

Republic's senior officer's are 60 square meters in size, and separated into a living area hosting a sofa, a work desk, and a food replicator, along with a spacious sleeping chamber with a large bed, private lavatory, and walk-in closet. There are only 10 senior officer's quarters aboard ship, all located solely in the saucer section, and situated along the outer rim bulkheads thus permitting viewports to the outside of the vessel. These style quarters are reserved only for the ship's senior staff with rank of lieutenant commander and above. Due to the lack of guest quarters, ambassadors and VIPs are generally housed in one of the senior officer's quarters when Republic is acting as diplomatic courier, requiring the permanently-assigned officer to vacate the room temporarily while the guests are aboard.

Private family suites: 15

The largest and most spacious of crew quarters aboard Republic are the private family suites, taking up 120 square meters of deck space each. Consisting of three separate sleeping chambers (one main and two smaller), the main bedroom has an adjoined private lavatory and walk-in closet, with another shared lavatory situated near the two remaining bedrooms. The main living room chamber provides ample habitation space, complete with a sofa, work desk, food replicator, and family dining table. Private family suites are few in number aboard Republic, and thus, are a premium commodity among the crew as they are assigned at the captain's discretion, and based purely on rank and seniority. The family suites are one of only two styles of crew quarters located on the outer rim of the ship, allowing them to have expansive viewports along the exterior bulkhead. All private family suites are located in the saucer section only.

Junior officer suites: 30

Junior officer suites are generally assigned to crew with the rank of ensign, lieutenant junior grade, and lieutenant, and who are each free of any department head duties. These 70 square meter double-suites share a single lavatory facility, but have separate living/sleeping quarters with a large work desk, walk-in closet, as well as their own entrance door to the outside corridor. This is at the expense of other amenities such as food replicators, as junior officers are expected to socialize themselves with the rest of the ship's crew and eat in the messhall, or in the officer's mess for formal functions. Like the senior officer quarters, all junior officer quarters are found in the saucer section only.

Senior enlisted quarters: 35

Senior enlisted quarters have similar amenities as the senior officer's quarters, but within a reduced volumetric footprint of only 40 square meters. They possess a smaller sleeping chamber and living area, private lavatory facilities, as well as a food replicator and an expanded work desk since senior enlisted often do not have a separate duty office elsewhere on the ship. Senior enlisted quarters are normally assigned to crew who possess the rank of petty officer second class and petty officer first class, as well as the handful of chief petty officers and senior chief petty officers assigned aboard. Luna-class vessels are generally too small to have a master chief petty officer assigned permanently to the crew, but if one was, they would report directly to the captain and first officer, and be assigned senior officer's quarters. Officers with the rank of lieutenant or below can also be assigned senior enlisted quarters instead of sharing a junior officer suite, but only for those who serve as departments heads. Most of the senior enlisted quarters are located in the saucer section, and only about a dozen are located in the engineering section.

Junior enlisted bunkrooms: 50

In contrast to higher ranking crew quarters, junior enlisted bunkrooms are fairly austere, totaling an area of 50 square meters. These single-room dormitories consist of four double-bunk sleeping alcoves situated around twin lavatory facilities in an open floor plan. There are individual walk-in storage closets near each alcove, plus a pair of ultrasonic hanging uniform de-soilers, but newly replicated clothing is provided by the ship's quartermaster, as there are no replicators, nor any other leisure appliances in the bunkroom, relegating the room strictly to sleeping and personal hygiene. Due to this, it is expected that junior enlisted avail themselves of the ship's many recreational amenities during their off-duty hours, and take their meals in either the messhall or one of the many snack bars/reading lounges located regularly throughout the ship. Under normal operations, four junior enlisted crew are assigned to a bunkroom, and each may utilize one of the four double-bunk alcoves as they see fit, choosing either the top or bottom bunk to sleep in while leaving the other empty. During high-capacity operations, a bunkroom can accommodate eight permanently-assigned junior enlisted crew, or double that under contingency “hot-bunking” conditions where different crew continually occupy each bunk on rotating shifts throughout a 24-hour day. Junior enlisted bunkrooms are generally assigned to crew with the rank of crewman, crewman first class, and petty officer third class, as well as the occasional academy cadet assigned to Republic for their undergraduate training cruise. About half of the ship's enlisted bunkrooms are located in the saucer section, while the rest are in the engineering section.

Class-O Cetacean suites: 6

Due to Republic's unique mission profile that requires it to host up to 15% non-humanoid crew, the vessel has been outfitted with six 200-square meter underwater living facilities for aquatic crew members. Composed of two sets of three combined rooms that span two decks vertically, these chambers can house up to two delphinoid-sized crew each, and can also be reconfigured into a pair of larger 600-square meter tanks to accommodate up to two mysticetid-sized passengers of 30 tons or less. The high-capacity water filtration system continually recycles and re-oxygenates the liquid water environment, maintaining temperature and salinity to within the most comfortable range for the species assigned to the chamber. Installation of the cetacean suites on Republic sacrificed the space originally intended for a pair of two-story holodecks normally found on other Luna-class vessels. Therefore, holographic entertainment must be relegated to the smaller, single-deck holosuites on deck 6, necessitating the crew to be judicious with their off-duty recreation schedules.

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