Senior Officer Database
Reittan Tolkath
Personal Statistics
Lieutenant Commander
Ship's Counselor
50% Betazed
25% Human
25% Vulcan
Place of Birth:
Medara City, Betazed
1.9 meters
70 kg

Reittan's paternal grandfather was a Vulcan, an elder raised with the teachings of Sarek, but his paternal grandmother was from Earth, and moved to Vulcan to be with his grandfather.  That is where they raised Jaran, Reittan's father, who grew up with a deep interest in psychology.  Jaran studied the ways of Sarek, and other psychological theories, earning his Doctoral degree in psychology while on Vulcan.  Years later, Reittan's father and his parents were going to visit his grandmother's birthplace when Jaran met Reittan's mother onboard a transport vessel. Yaxara, of the first house of Betazed, is a very vivacious woman.  She is currently a Doctor of Telepathy at the University of Betazed.  Reittan's maternal grandmother is a political ambassador for Betazed, and introduced his family to many dignitaries of different worlds.  His maternal grandfather taught Telepathy at the University of Betazed, was the Dean of the department for 5 years, then died suddenly of Yomitra flu; causing heart failure.

In 2373, Riettan received his Doctoral degree in Psychology and a Bachelors in Telepathic Communications. He also received the Tri-moon medallion for valor from the planet Betazed. The specifics are classified. Following that, he entered Academy by recommendation of many interplanetary dignitaries because of the Classified incident. Riettan received sponsership from Lieutenant Commander Dianna Troi after being referred to her by Tolkath's Grandmother's friend and co-diplomat Rwoxanna Troi.

Upon graduation from Starfleet academy and assigned to the USS T'Kumbra under Captain Solok because of his Vulcan background. While on the T'Kumbra Reittan became a master at holodeck programming. Relateing to this Captain Solok said of Tolkath: "It is only logical to promote someone who uses his intellect to help others so adeptly." When asked later what this meant, Reittan grinned and said, "Just be grateful you don't stuggle with Pon Far aboard a starship." Afterwards, he was sent to department head school as lieutenant on grounds of PhD and exemplary service, and a year later, attended command school promoted to Lieutenant Commander.

No major medical injuries or illnesses have been recorded.

Reittan is deeply passionate, and highly dedicated to his personal values. He can be reserved, which covers a sensitive spirit easily hurt. Otherwise, Riettan is highly imaginative and creative while being curious and often studies others quietly. Flexible in small matters, Reittan does not dance to other people's tunes, but can pretend to. He gets what he wants by talking, not screaming. Overall, Reittan is loving and dedicated to people he cares about, but does not compromise his principles for them. His sense of what is right comes first, even before himself.

Service Medals & Awards

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