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Zoe Leila Beauvais
Personal Statistics
Chief Tactical Officer
Place of Birth:
New France colony
1.75 meters
63.5 kg
Dark Blonde

Zoe was born on New France colony world. She spent her childhood here, and didn’t expect much from her life until the battle of Wolf 359. After that battle, she decided that she would enter Starfleet to utilize her love of learning. She entered into the Tactical and Security force field when she was accepted into Starfleet, as it was the most needed field at the time. Her parents gave birth to her late in their lives and passed on shortly after she graduated Starfleet academy.

Zoe's first tour was aboard the USS Thunderchild where she remained until the ship went under heavy repair after the 2nd incursion of the Borg. She was reassigned to the USS Valley Forge that ended up getting heavily damaged and spun out of control at the battle of Chin’toka. With the war getting progressively worse, she requested to be assigned to the ground troops that were left at AR558. After losing the majority of their battalion to the Dominion forces, she was one of the few people that survived the battle, leaving heavy damage to her mind and body. They were eventually rescued by the force led by Captain Sisko and was retrieved by the USS Veracruz when their replacements finally arrived.

Here she took a couple months off to recuperate aboard Starbase 371. She ended up getting restless after having fallen in love with space travel. She applied and got accepted as the secondary Tactical Officer on the USS London. After a few years here, she got the Chief Tactical position and remained here until Starfleet transferred her to the USS Republic.

Zoe has several forms of PTSD still even after the years of counseling that she went through from her field experience during the 2nd incursion of the Borg and the Dominion War. She has had many bones broken and repaired from her extensive conflicts during the battles. Dermal regeneration reduced the signs of all her scars, except one, across her upper left chest from AR558.

Zoe has spunk as some told her back at the academy. She is loyal and devoted, but usually allows an air of mystery to follow her. Her interests include swimming, space phenomenon, small weapons, and hand-to-hand combat.

Service Medals & Awards

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