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Reia Kusan-Merrick
Personal Statistics
Chief of Operations
Place of Birth:
1.67 meters
61.2 kg

Reia was born on Stardate 29595.88 on the Trill Homeworld to her mother, Kusan Yuri. In March 2361, Reia and her mother moved to Mars, as her mother was transferred to work at the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards. At the age of nine and growing up with a single parent, Reia began to have relationship problems with her mother when her mother got engaged to a Starfleet Officer. During a usual visit to the construction yard with her mother, Reia met her biological father for the first time when the USS Saratoga was being constructed at Utopia Planitia. Reia, along with her step-family, moved to Earth as her step father was promoted to Admiral. Reia's mother quit her job at Utopia Planitia, causing a huge impact on the relationship between Reia and her mother.

Reia finished her general education courses in May 2372 and applied to Starfleet Academy; however due to problems with enrollment at the Academy she changed her last name to Merrick with support from her biological father Captain James R. Merrick. Reia took a study course at the Academy on Nanotechnology meeting some of the foremost scientists in that field. While still a cadet, and after finishing most of the Operations courses at the Academy, she was assigned to the USS Malinche for a training cruse. Later that month, she participated in the hunt for former Lieutenant Commander Eddington. Reia's tour of duty is extended on the Malinche upon the event of the Cardassians joining the Dominion, due to a fear that war with the Dominion would break out soon. Reia, was close to finishing her extended training duty on the Malinche as the Federation was thrown into war with the Dominion and their allies. Reia received a combat status and her position on the Malinche was set as a Junior Officer in the Operations department. After months of slaughter by Dominion Forces the Malinche was caught with the 7th fleet at the battle of Tyra. The Malinche suffered heavy damage, but managed to escape the blood bath. After the battle Reia along with several other crew members of the Malinche received a citation for their actions in the Battle of Tyra and their roles in saving the Malinche from destruction. Reia was promoted to the rank of Ensign which would become common with cadets in the following years of the war.

After the Battle of Tyra, the USS Malinche was assigned to Earth for a repairs and refit of the vessel. During the next two months with the Malinche assigned as part of the defense fleet of Earth, during this time Reia was able to finish up her part of Academy training. Two months later she was called back to her duties on the Malinche as it was sent to the front lines for the battle to retake Deep Space Nine. With the Dominion War coming to a close Reia returned to Starfleet Academy to take command courses, but due to her love for space she dropped the courses months later and returned to the Malinche as Assistant Operations Officers ending her Academy training.

The end the Dominion War marked a joy of hope and great sadness for the men and women of the Federation as they reflect on what they gained and lost. Like all of those who severed in the war, she was awarded the Dominion Campaign Medal along with the promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade. The USS Malinche was assigned a routine diplomatic mission to the Dorvan sector to aid the Cardassians in reconstruction of the Torga system. Reia was signed leader of the one of the away teams to analyze the damage to the old Cardassian power station. The mission would prove Rei's command ability and a fatal decision that sent one of her team members to their death to save the lives of the Colony and the other away teams on the planet's surface.

In December 2378, Reia was promoted to full lieutenant at the end of her tour duty on the Malinche, and was reassigned to the starship Livingston a newly built Intrepid Class. While on a mission, the Livingston encountered an unknown race near the Rolor Nebula the ship was destroyed during a battle with this new foe. Reia and a hand of survivors of the Livingston manage to escape the destruction of the vessel in a Runabout. The Runabout which had received serve damage was picked up by the Defiant and the survivors stationed on Deep Space Nine for recovery. However since official records show the Livingston being destroyed by an unknown craft, some of the survivors reported not seeing an alien craft during the escape of the vessel. Only four members of the crew escaped the destruction of the vessel, and no official investigation was conducted. Her short lived experience at Deep Space Nine came to an end when she was transferred to the USS Republic as Chief of Operations.

Past injuries include a fracture of the left elbow in a High School softball game, attempting to catch a fly ball in the outfield. In addition, she fractured left elbow a second time during a softball game along with spraining her ankle on a similar catch the year before causing bone damage.

Reia's interests include anything electronic, classical European music, Softball, Racqueball, and enjoys her holodeck time. She is very skilled with a computer

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