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Kimberly Lynn Roth
Personal Statistics
Commanding Officer
Place of Birth:
New York, North America, Sol III
1.73 meters
49 kg
Dark Blonde

Roth was born and raised on Staten Island in a high-rise residential community. Her urban experience allowed a smooth transition to living in space, as she graduated from Starfleet Academy at age 23 and was immediately assigned to Starbase Operations Command in the Vega system. The months on end aboard various Starfleet vessels did not bother her in the least. In fact, when shore leave came around, she found that staying on the ship was more relaxing, as there was no pressure of a mission, and duty was light. This was a boon to her commanders, as Roth was a well-trained operations officer, and having her aboard when most of the crew was not lifted a weight from their shoulders.

Eventually, Roth rose through the ranks to become a captain, and her first vessel was the USS Thundercrest, a Nebula-Class cruiser stationed at the battlefront during the Dominion War. She served as her captain for four years until an unfortunate incident occurred that changed her life forever.

In the middle of the war, Starfleet Intelligence achieved a breakthrough in its reconnaissance division.  A team of field agents intercepted information regarding a new Dominion weapon developed by the Breen as well as an upcoming attack plan on the Federation that would herald the weapon’s deployment.  The information was transmitted to a military information node near the Cardassian border, and was standing by for retrieval.  Such information was so sensitive and highly classified that standard subspace communication was too risky, and so Fleet Intel relied instead on deep space buoys to collect vital information from field operatives across the war zone.  Thundercrest’s mission was to travel at high warp to intercept and retrieve the information about the new Breen weapon.

Unfortunately, the Thundercrest was not the only ship in the sector that day with a mission to retrieve the buoy.  A Cardassian attack fleet on a direct intercept course to the information node came into sensor range during the mission.  Roth knew that if the Dominion captured the information node, they would not only deprive the Federation of the intelligence information, but they would learn the location of every other information node in the war zone as well as the names and whereabouts field agents who relied upon them.  The Thundercrest was in critical a race for time, and thousands, perhaps millions, of Federation lives hung in the balance.  It was a race doomed to be lost.

The two opposing sides arrived at the information node at the same time, despite Roth pushing the engines of the Thundercrest beyond design limits.  With a damaged warp drive, the Nebula-Class starship fought valiantly to ward off the Cardassian invaders, but to no avail.  As the warships circled the Thundercrest and information node like buzzards waiting for a prey to die, Roth, in a final desperate act to prevent strategic intelligence data from falling into enemy hands, destroyed the information node.  As the warp drive was repaired, the Thundercrest escaped and limped home to report what had happened.  It was only upon their return did Roth realize just how important the information node had been.

As the Breen began to deploy their new energy-depriving weapon, Starfleet was nearly paralyzed.  When her superiors had discovered that she had destroyed the Federation’s only intelligence regarding this new weapon, the retribution against Roth was staggering.  After a full court martial, Captain Roth was demoted to the rank of commander, and sentenced to three years in the stockade.  During her confinement, she lost nearly everything that was dear to her.  Roth’s fiancé had called the marriage off and stopped communicating.  Her family had disowned her, and every friend she had ever made in Starfleet or otherwise had renounced and abandoned her.  If it were not for the memories of her service aboard the Thundercrest, she surely would have left Starfleet altogether.

For the years after the war, Roth served as the commander of a waste transfer station in the Antares system. It was the only posting she could get and still maintain a leadership position. For the most part, her career seemed to be at a dead end until a Starfleet Admiral gave her a chance to redeem herself by taking command of the Republic and undertaking a clandestine mission.

No major past or present injuries or maladies.

Roth is an introvert, but has the gift of extraordinary common sense. She believes that cause and effect is a universal constant, and has made it her life mission to always analyze both in any given situation. Her ability to lead is derived from showing respect to her subordinates, and allowing them to participate in the decision-making process. This ability is only limited by her own self confidence and the stigma of her court martial. When commanding a starship, she delegates much of the everyday business of the vessel to the executive officer. She is a strong proponent of the XO's position, knowing full well that her ability to command a vessel stems from the professional, symbiotic relationship with her exec.

Roth's personal activities are relatively non-social, with the exception of her pet and friend, Smoke; a small, rodent-like animal with the intelligence of a dolphin. The two are nearly inseparable, and her hobbies of knitting and pastel art allows the small creature to assist by handing the colored chalk to her, or by playing with the ball of yarn. She keeps Smoke in a terrarium in her ready room.

Smoke is a small, rodent-sized marsupial that Roth met while incarcerated at the Starfleet Correctional Facility on Delta Prime. Smoke is not of any known indegenous species, but then, Roth never tried to find out. His high intelligence allows him to understand Roth's conversations, and he can reply in variety of chirps, squeaks, and growls. His bright-red, incandescent eyes can see in near total darkness, and his hearing is as equally keen. Smoke's thought processes are on par with sentient species, and exhibits problem-solving intelligence. His emotional connection with Roth almost allows him to read her thoughts, but there is no actual telepathic link.

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