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Leon Anderson Cromwell
Personal Statistics
Lieutenant Commander
Chief Medical Officer
Place of Birth:
Earth colony, Cestus III
1.80 meters
74.8 kg
Sandy Blond

Son to Arthur Cromwell and Janet Maurice. Primary educational programs completed on home planet of Cestus III in June of 2362. Showed an aptitude for science, specifically chemistry and biology. After a two-year enlistment in Star Fleet, relocated to Luna on Sol III to pursue educational goals. Excelled in the life science and medical fields, receiving his medical doctorate in 2374 from the University of Tycho after a two-year internship at Starfleet Medical. Drafted into the Starleet Medical Corps as a civilian field surgeon stationed out of Starbase 72 in support of the Dominion War effort. After several combat tours at the battlefront, resigned commission in 2376 to pursue further educational goals. Two years later, received doctorate in Astrobiology from the Vulcan Science Academy (Memory Alpha campus) and accepted a grant to join a research vessel, the USS Bremerton, on a two-year genome mapping mission of Pacifica. Doctor Cromwell was recently recalled to Star Fleet through a reserve activation order handed down from the senior admiralty within Starfleet Command. Reasons for the order are restricted to security classification Omega, and are unknown to Doctor Cromwell.

In 2364, Leon began his Starfleet career at Starbase 123 as a Life Sciences Research Technician, and achieving the enlisted rank of Crewman First Class. After his initial 2-year enlistment, he was offered re-enlistment but declined and was subsequently discharged. At the start of the Dominion War, Leon was draft as a civilian field surgeon in 2374, operating out of Starbase 72. During the war, Leon was captured by Jem H'dar attacking the medical evacuation station on Theta Cygni V, and held captive until his rescue in 2375. A year later, Leon resigned to pursue further educational goals. In 2380, Starfleet Headquarters re-activated Leon commission to serve as Chief Medical Officer aboard the USS Republic, holding a civilian rank equivalant to lieutenant commander. After a few months on the Republic, Leon was convinced by the ship's executive officer to take the bridge officer's course, and took the command test a year later. Leon passsed, and subsequently commissioned as a Starfleet lieutenant commander.

Y-chromosomal human, blood-type A negative. Physical profile indicates past tissue trauma in the lower right abdomen and right thigh. Past bone fractures on left ribs 3,4, and 5, plus shattering of the left shoulder blade. All subsequent injuries have healed, and mobility/functionality has returned to 100 percent. Psychological profile indicates moderate post-traumatic stress from field duty during the Dominion Wars requiring counseling. Response to treatment was very successful, and a near full-recovery was achieved. Subject may be susceptible to infrequent trauma flashbacks, but has not reported any since discharged from counseling.

A non-judgmental and gregarious introvert, Leon Cromwell is a scientist dedicated to the study of the life sciences. His unique passion to uphold and sustain life has served him well in the medical field. Despite his proven natural leadership abilities and early Star Fleet ambitions, Leon has resisted past attempts by senior supervisors to fully commission him as a Starfleet officer, opting instead to remain a civilian contractor. This resistance stems from a lack of confidence in his own command abilities, and personal ambiguities regarding the "center seat" as a command-grade bridge officer. Preferring more abstract scientific projects, Doctor Cromwell has shown a recent reluctance to serve as a field medical doctor due to his past trauma in the Dominion Wars. However, when forced into a life-or-death situation, his marksmanship and combat skills are quite proficient, sometimes over-powering his normally very humanitarian personality. Leon Cromwell has a subtle dislike for small-craft flight, preferring to use transporters whenever available. Leon has a personal interest in sampling the food and drink of various cultures both inside and outside of the Federation. He has a taste for alcoholic beverages, and prides himself on his personal collection of rare distilled spirits. An avid book reader and holo-novel patron, Leon enjoys professional orchestra music, horticulture, and table games such as cards and 3-D chess.

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