Website Credits

Many hours of hard work went into the making of this website. Its format, and many of the animated and static GIF's, are of my own design and I kindly request that you do not copy or use them without first contacting the webmaster. Other artwork and text were graciously provided by the following sources:

Detail art is courtesy of Bernd Schneider's Star Trek site, Ex Astris Scientia. Images and material used thereof are copyright of Ex Astris Scientia (EAS), and used here under the terms of the comprehensive copyright notice.
Ex Astris Scientia
DITL logo Technical information, size chart images, and full galactic map are courtesy of the Daystrom Institute Technical Library and copyright Graham Kennedy. Pages within this website containing excepts from this source (either pristine or modified) are thus noted at the bottom of the page.
Background and cover page astronomy art was provided by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Use of these images are within the public domain because they were created by NASA. NASA copyright policy states that "NASA material is not protected by copyright unless noted".
RPGI logo The rank insignias on this site were created by Steven Marriott, originally for the Tango Fleet PBE-RPG. Please do not copy the images. If you wish to obtain them and an up-to-date copy either access the Tango Fleet Website, or visit the RPG-Insignias Website. You will find all the information you need on these, and many other insignia images. Steve is more than happy to pass along his work to anyone who takes the time to simply ask.

Special thanks to the following Individuals:

  • Sean R. for his 3-D Galaxy Class interior renderings
  • Doug Wilson for his customized crew photos and officer's mess schematic
  • Gene Roddenberry, the original creator of "Star Trek", for his positive future outlook for the human species

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