Deck Profile

The USS Republic is a second-generation Galaxy-Class starship with 42 decks of living space, operational work areas, engineering support, and environmental infrastructure to support over a thousand personnel on extended, long-duration missions in deep space. Furthermore, there are expansive recreational and guest accommodations for over 2,000 additional VIPs, as well as life support systems for up to 15,000 humanoid life forms during emergency evacuation situations. The deck profile below displays a generic layout of all levels of this titanic vessel, separating the interactive illustration between the two operational modules known as the "saucer section" and the "stardrive section". These two substructures were designed as separate, fully-functioning spacecraft able to operate independent of one another as a contingency to evacuation non-combatants in desperate battle situations. Additionally, should one of the modules be damaged to the point of being unable to sustain the crew, the other can act as a lifeboat for the entire compliment until they can find safe harbor.



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