Terms of Use

The graphics on this website are a mix of original work and artwork from other web sources used in accordance with their terms of use. The latter are credited either on the artwork itself, at the bottom of the page, or on our credits page. Use of this external artwork must be in accordance with the terms of the original artist, and is not authorized by the staff of ussrepublic.org. These include, but are not limited to, 3-D meshes, detail artwork, crew photographs, rank insignias, ship schematics, cover movie, and some animated and static gifs. Sources for these graphics can be found on our credits page.

Original graphics on this website, such as background art, title blocks, medals, and award ribbons, etc, may be used elsewhere if the following conditions are met:

  1. You contact the asking permission.
  2. You credit the artwork on either the webpage you intend to use it, or on a universal credits page using our site's banner.
  3. You copy and save the material onto your own server. Do NOT leach material from this website (i.e., use an image link to the picture URL on this site). Leaching is illegal, and you WILL get caught.

Although the Starship Republic campaign uses a public forum for gameplay, all main characters are the property of their respective authors, and as of January 2005, are protected by international intellectual property rights. However, the text information and stories, unless otherwise noted as being from a different source, are NOT subject to copyright. If used elsewhere, it would be appreciated if credit is acknowledged.

Any information or graphics that fall under the official STAR TREK franchise trademark are property of Paramount Pictures Incorporated, and are used here solely for the purpose of private gameplay. No copyright infringement is intended, and no other ownership of such material except that of Paramount Pictures Incorporated is assumed nor implied.


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