Starfleet Organizational Chart

Starfleet is an enormous uniformed establishment of nearly 100 million active duty personnel and over 70,000 vessels spread out across the vast interstellar distances of the Federation. Heading this bureaucracy are several thousand officers of flag rank, of which only a few hundred carry the rank of full admiral, and of course, only one fleet admiral, the Commander in Chief. The C-in-C has on his staff three primary deputy secretaries, each a full admiral of high seniority, and each of whom serve as directors for each of the three main Starfleet offices: Administration, Operations, and Plans & Policies. Furthermore, the Deputy Secretary of Operations shares their office with three junior deputies of admiral rank: the Chief of Starfleet Operations, the Secretary of the Office of Operations, and the Starfleet Operations Commander. Most of the lesser flag officers in Starfleet (vice admirals, rear admirals, commodores) fill junior roles underneath the deputy admirals, serving as local or sector-level commanders throughout the Federation. Only a handful of junior flag officers report directly to the deputy secretaries, and they almost never serve the C-in-C directly. Below is a general organizational chart for this sprawling institution, complete with brief summaries for the major divisions and branches.

Commander in Chief of Starfleet
Deputy Secretary for Administration Deputy Secretary for Operations Deputy Secretary for Plans and Policies

This chart is a modification of one first printed by FASA Corporation, "Cadet's Orientation Sourcebook" (copyright 1983) under license from Paramount Pictures Corporation. It is recreated here as a private, not-for-profit reference and no copyright infringement is intended.


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